Patel S.I.R Movie Teaser

Patel SIR Movie Teaser

Patel SIR Movie TeaserPatel SIR Movie Teaser. Pater S.I.R. starring Jagapathi Babu (JB) in the lead role is directed by Vasu Parimi, and it is to be produced under Vaaraahi Chalana Chitram’s banner. Jagapathi Babu has accepted a lead role in a film after a long time and the teaser goes on to suggest that this might be one of the best decisions for this actor. He plays his age and dons the salt and pepper look in the film.

The teaser has no light moment. It is violent, dark and portrays anger beautifully. The DOP Syam K Naidu has done a great job with the teaser. The beginning of the trailer starts with a narration, which goes like this, “It is okay to have 100 known enemies, but to have one unknown enemy could bring about your downfall.”


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