DJ Movie Official Collections

DJ Movie Official Collections

DJ Movie Official Collections. Director Harish Shankar is furious over websites and reviews which blasted Duvvvada Jagannadam as a scrap film with zero novelty. More than twice, Harish along with hero Bunny and producer Dil Raju took a free hand attacking several media forms who criticized DJ.

This time when a website posted DJ original collections as very less than those reported by PR agencies, Harish shot all guns and declared open war posting the following lines and above collections on Twitter.

If any one proves this wrong ..

I will stop making movies or else they should shut down their website … Proud to have two 20cr+ films in Nizam GS & DJ….. thanks to all who made this possible.

I can take the worst of criticism but not at the cost of my Cast and Crew hard work which .. insulted by fake and grudge articles. Sorry guys wanted to enjoy the success and never wanna tweet like this but tappaledhu

Yuddham Sharanam Gachami.

Not to counter media sir … to correct those who are reporting wrong.

Harish is really on fire and he is first to have taken open panga with media.

DJ Movie Official Collections

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